My TTC Timeline

So here’s where I am:

Sept 2011– Stopped taking birth control

January 2012– Went on Honeymoon- started TTC

ALL of 2012– Pretty Regular cycles (28 days) with positive ovulation test kits and LOTS of negative pregancy tests, lots of frustration and increasingly painful periods.

December 2012– Went to my primary care doctor for separate issue, and she recommended I speak with my OBGYN about TTC.

Feb 2013- Cycles become irregular and ovulation tests not producing positive results

May 2013-  I finally got in to see my OB/GYN.  Progesterone test on day 21 of my cycle ordered to confirm ovulation has occurred. HSG ordered, sperm analysis ordered for my husband.  Also TSH thyroid test ordered (I have had an underactive thyroid since birth.  Test only to confirm medication dose was appropriate).

June 2013  TSH Thyroid test Normal

HSG test normal (no tube blockage)

Two progesterone tests completed, both inconclusive (ovulation not confirmed).

Husbands Motility levels came back slightly low.  (count and morphology good).

Follow up appointment with OB/GYN (useless and waste of money) and referral to fertility clinic

July 2013 –

Appointment at Fertility clinic with Dr. M.  Suggests husband try “fertility vitamins” to improve motility, and that we try IUI with clomid UNTIL we did an ultra sound and found a golf ball sized cyst on my Right ovary.  IUI plan halted and surgery scheduled.

September 2013-

Laporoscopy and hysteroscopy done.  Cyst sucessfully removed, and stage III endometriosis discovered (and corrected).

November 2013

IUI #1- Letrozole/Estridol- Two Follicles

Resulting in BFN

December 2013

IUI#2- Letrozole/Estridol One Follicle

Resulting in BFN

January 2014-

IUI #3- Letrozole (increased dose to 7.5 per day)  One Follicle
Resulting in BFN

February 2014-

Changed Jobs and took a longer than expected break  from the RE due to a family emergency

September 2014

IUI #4

Finally back at it with a mixed cycle.  (7.5 of Letrozole and Gonal-F). One Follicle

Result- BFN

We started the IVF process in January 2016 with 21 days of BC.

During my first baseline appointment a functional cyst was found which caused my progesterone level to be too high.  Back on BCP for 21 more days though February.

IVF CYCLE #1 March 2016

Microdose Lupron Protocol with Gonal-F and Menopur, Ovidrel Trigger

Retrieval produced 5 eggs, 4 were mature, 3 fertilized normally.

Three embryos transferred on day 3.


BETA #1 (10dp3dt)-184

BETA #2(12dpt3dt) 326

BETA #3 (5w2d)-5148


Lets do this!


So there we are, and here we go…..

6 thoughts on “My TTC Timeline

  1. It looks like you are on the right path now, and I’m so happy you are seeing a specialist to lead the way for you both! I hope your journey is shorter than you expect now, since having surgery to correct some things. You have every reason to be hopeful!

  2. My husband (42) is on “fertility vitamins”, too and we’ll most likely do our first IUI in January if the health insurance has it approved by then. I was supposed to start my IUI cycle tomorrow, but the IUI hasn’t been approved by my health insurance yet whose paying 50%.

  3. I can so relate to what you’ve said about feeling lost and scared. It can really be isolating. I hope that writing (and reading) brings you some clarity and assurance that you’re not alone. Wishing you best of luck when you start treatment again!

  4. Did you hear about reproductive immunology?. If you have time before your IVF, I would suggest you to read about it and look for any RI’s in your area or close to your place. After 4 miscarriages and 2 Cps I started seeing a RI and now under protocol. I have seen dozens of patients who have BFNs for years finally got BFP after seeing RI’s. Hope everything will work out good for you!!

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