Moving Forward With IVF!

When I found out my husband had a business trip over a weekend I decided it would be the perfect time to go see my mom and grandma (who recently moved in with her) in Colorado. The one good thing about all of his work travel is he has tons of airline points so I decided to cash some of them in for a flight! Amazingly you can actually fly direct to Denver from our airport and its only 2 and a half hours, but I decided to take an extra day off and make it a long weekend.

I was a little scared I might freeze to death but the weather was amazing! My mom lives in the mountains outside of Colorado Springs and there is a perfect view of Pike’s Peak from her deck. I spent a lot of hours out there just relaxing. It was so peaceful.

I love my mom dearly but sometimes I have a hard time talking to her about things. She made some hurtful comments last year about the weight I gained after doing my IUI’s and also made some really inappropriate comments about having high order multiples. It really made me shut down for a while talking to her about anything I was going through.

I decided to breach the subject again while I was visiting and it went really well. It was nice to talk to her about it and she really listened and didn’t offer any unsolicited advice or say anything hurtful. One of the things we talked about was timing. Our original plan was we would start the process in March (because that is when we get our bonuses) and that would mean a late December baby if it worked out.

After discussing it on Saturday she brought it up again on Sunday. My mom’s birthday is December 18th. She has always felt like she really missed out on having her birthday be special when she was a kid (and even an adult I think) because of Christmas. She said that she always felt left out because her brother’s always got to have special parties or camping trips and her day was barely acknowledged. She actually offered to loan us the money so we could start sooner to avoid the Christmas baby!

Honestly I will be happy whenever I have a baby and I know you just can’t control things, but the thought of doing this earlier makes me really happy. First, with my husband’s work travel it gets harder as the year goes on. I was honestly worried about April because he attends a conference in Florida and he cannot miss it. Even in January and February he has some required travel but we already know dates so it will be easier to work around. This will also allow us to plan the rest of our year sooner. I know part of this process is learning to let go of control but a person doesn’t just change overnight. Once a planner….always a planner.

At first I was very excited about starting BCP in December so we could do IVF in January, but for tax reasons we need to pay in January and our clinic will require payment when I start BCP so it looks like I will start BCP in January instead. Thankfully my friend (who did IVF at my clinic) let me know this before I called the clinic today. They will require that I see one of the doctors again (even though I had a consult last year) before going forward and the first appointment I could get was December 7th. I will probably have to go back and meet with the financial coordinator and nurse coordinator again as well, and do blood work, so December will be busy. I also have jury duty in December and we will travel for the holidays.

It is definitely feeling very real now and I am really happy to say that I feel excited and nervous. Last year when we first did our consult I felt completely overwhelmed. This really confirms that waiting was the right decision. I feel ready to move forward with this now which a really good feeling

The next 2 months are going to fly by with the holidays and everything else and I will just be focusing on taking care of myself the best I can. Acupuncture has been going great and I really look forward to that hour of my week that is just for me. I really look forward to going. January will be here in the blink of an eye!


Acupuncture and Stuff

Just a little update on things….


I started acupuncture sessions at a place that ONLY does it for infertility and pregnancy two weeks ago. My first appointment I was pretty nervous just because I had no idea what to expect. I met with the Acupuncturist for about 45 minutes and we talked about my history with TTC, my cycles, my digestion, my lifestyle…..pretty much everything….and she gave me a book to use a reference for Eastern Medicine Infertility treatments. She also asked if I would be open to taking herbs for a few months since we still have some time before IVF. I mean why not?!?! So I agreed. She also asked that when I start my next cycle that I start temping, which I am so not excited about.

The first treatment was good, but since I was nervous I had a little trouble fully relaxing. I had my second appointment this week and the acupuncturist gave me my herbal protocol. It’s soooo many pills. She gave me 4 herbs to take. One I take all the time (3 pills per day), and the other three are taken at different times of my cycle (each are 9 pills per day). She also went over my current supplements and suggested I had evening primrose oil. The treatment itself was much more relaxing since I knew what to expect. While I did feel way more relaxed I couldn’t totally clear my mind, so instead I redirected my thoughts to the happiest moments of my life, like my time in Italy with my mom and grandma this year, my wedding day, my honeymoon, ect. That definitely helped me completely relax. I am really excited about the next few months of acupuncture but after just two days I do not love taking so many pills every day.

Nutrition and Exercise

I have continued to be AWESOME with my nutrition. I have pretty much kicked all my cravings and this is my last week of having coffee daily. One of my biggest challenges continues to be bloat, which is fine somedays and somedays it isn’t. I have been trying to go on walks but it’s still sooooo hot here. I got in my car to leave work on Tuesday and it was 101! Seriously Fall, where are you?? I have had great energy all day with no crashes, but I am asleep like 20 seconds after my head hits the pillow, which some nights has been around 8:45. I started to get a little burnt out on green salads this week, which were my go-to lunch at work since they are so easy to prepare ahead of time, so I am trying to switch it up a little with tuna salad or salmon salad or left overs of hot food. Overall things are going well and I haven’t really been tempted to eat junk food.


I have been spending a lot of time studying for my Green Associate LEED exam, which is so boring. It’s one of my performance goals this year to get my accreditation and I finally registered for the test on Nov 3rd. I know I have a lot of memorization to do before then, but I figured if I sign up it would put the pressure on to study harder. It’s hard to focus though because the content is dry dry dry. I took a prep class online and I had keep going back to re-listen because it was just so hard to focus on it and the instructors monotone did not help.

Also I am not sure if I ever mentioned this, but my office is literally an igloo. It is by far the coldest part of our building and I literally sit with a heating pad and huge scarf wrapped around me every day. My hands are always like ice and my nose runs. I have to go outside (into the 90+ degree weather) a few times a day to thaw out. I am pretty sure it’s one of the reasons I got sick in August. It actually wasn’t that bad until the end of July after they held some huge meetings in our conference room. I think they messed with the settings on the thermostat and it’s never gone back….so yea….I am freezing every day. WELL….yesterday I found out I’m getting a new office!! It’s also a bigger office with a window and its about 10 degrees warmer! They are moving me so I can sit closer to my boss and admin which will also be way more convenient, but I am so excited not to be so uncomfortable every day! YAY!

Other Stuff

My stepson received an amazing character award at school last week for being a good example to other students and living what his school calls the seven behaviors. He was recognized at a school assembly with two other kids! So proud of him. He also scored his first two goals of the soccer season at his game on Saturday. This weekend we don’t have a soccer game so we are taking him to Apple Hill, which is exactly what the name implies….lots of apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and general Fall activities. There are so places that offer kids crafts, some local artists selling their craft, and much more. It’s about an hour away and we went for the first time last year. I am super excited to go back! I was able to get a lot of Christmas shopping done up there last year, and find some really unique gifts!

While it’s been great having a few months of just being home it looks like November is going to be really busy. My husband had a work trip come up the first weekend of November so I am going to fly to Colorado to see my mom and grandma! With all of the travel he has been doing he has A LOT of miles so I decided to take advantage and use some of them! It will be really nice to spend a weekend with them, and my mom just bought a new house last year that I haven’t seen yet. Also while I have been to Colorado many times, I have not spent much time in the Colorado Springs area where they now live so it should be fun to explore. I am a little worried about freezing to death as there is a chance there could be snow and as I mentioned it’s still over 90 degrees here. It could be a serious shock to my system!

Later in the month we are spending a weekend in Napa with my aunt and uncle and the following week is Thanksgiving. Hopefully my brother and his girlfriend will be able to come up for Thanksgiving again this year but his girlfriend is currently dealing with some health issues that has her out of work so she isn’t sure she will be able to get the time off when she is finally cleared by her doctor to go back.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday!