IUI #3 and ICLW

Hello ICLW bloggers and welcome!

I was extremely grateful for MLK day yesterday, because I was in no mental or emotional place to be working. After my chat with the RE on Sunday at my ultrasound I really struggled to keep it together. Sunday we had some people over to watch the 49er game (my husband is a HUGE fan), which I was really not in the mood for, but I guess it kept my mind off of things. Monday, however, was a day with no plans other than going into the RE’s office for my IUI. I completely understand why they don’t discuss the “what if”, because I was a mess. I do not want to be negative about this cycle but I am pretty much scared to death. After the IUI yesterday I came home and slept, for like three hours. It was the best sleep I have gotten in quite a while, but unfortunately I had a hard time sleeping last night!

Since as of my IUI yesterday I had not yet ovulated, I did a second one today. The doctor (Dr A), came in and talked to my husband and me together this time about the next step. During my ten minutes of table time post IUI my husband and I discussed the options and basically decided we would do another IUI with injectables in a few months after I adjust to my new job. Overall I have felt better today about everything. I told L this morning that I feel like I just started and it doesn’t seem possible that I could already be here, making decisions on IVF and injectables. My first IUI was like 5 minutes ago.

I spent most of the day trying to wrap my head around all of this and trying to find faith in this cycle, and not looking past it like it doesn’t exist. I am really hoping that we can go away on the weekend of the 8th to the Ocean. I am not sure if it will be Bodega Bay or the Santa Cruz area, but I just feel like I need some Ocean air.