Near Miss

Every time you make a plan it falls apart and comes together a million times. That is infertility.

It’s just human nature to plan. Having a plan offers a sense of security. Even after you watch every plan you make crumble into a million pieces… move on to the next plan.

Getting back into treatments with my RE is exactly as expected. Hectic. Stressful. Unpredictable.

After my initial appointment with the doctor two weeks ago I tried my best to take DEEP BREATHS and have faith that the clinic would come through for me. After about a week and a half of waiting for them to call I emailed the doctor. Also on that day they posted my lab results which included my AMH.   It was low. According to what I found online it was the lowest possible result to be considered “low” as opposed to “very low”. Obviously this was really upsetting and I wanted to hear what the RE thought.

I should also mention that last week was horrible. I was sick with a fever, cough, and sore throat from Sunday-Tuesday. I had literally just gotten back on my feet on Wednesday and got called into appear for Jury Duty. I spent two days being questioned as a potential juror and thankfully was excused from the case at the end of Thursday. Friday morning I was hoping to get a few hours in the office before going to the dentist to have 5 cavities filled, and when I got in my car to leave I found it had been broken into. So instead I spent the morning calling the police and waiting for a locksmith to come rekey my house (the thief took a house key).

It was almost laughable how horrible the week went, but in the end everything that happened as more of a near miss than a total disaster. Getting sick is terrible but I am THANKFUL that I did not get called into jury duty while I had a 101 fever and that I bounced back quickly.

Getting called into Jury duty sucks but had I actually been picked to be on the jury for the case I would have had to miss my planned holiday vacation and even possibly postpone IVF because the trial was expected to last weeks. I am THANKFUL I was excused after 2 days.

Getting my car broken into sucks, but the person didn’t damage anything and they didn’t steal anything that couldn’t be replaced. They also didn’t use the key they stole to get into the house while we were sleeping. While I feel violated, I am THANKFUL because it could have been much worse.

Also if I had been called to serve in the jury, or if I had been required to stay another day I would have had to cancel my dentist appointment. I hate going to the dentist, but it was important that I get the work done before the end of the year to use my insurance benefit. I am THANKFUL to have it behind me.

So today, finally back at work, it was time to go full court press to get my nurse meeting set up at the clinic. I reached out to my doctor again via email, and called the main line.

I was able to find out by the phone call that I had been assigned a nurse, however she was on vacation all week. They let me leave a message with her back up nurse, who did call me back and got me scheduled with my nurse next week. She also said I did not need to meet with the financial coordinator since we are paying out of pocket. The doctor also emailed me back and gave me her thoughts on the AMH test result and told me she wrote up my cycle plan for the nurse, so hopefully we will go over it next week at my appointment.

I feel relieved. I am really THANKFUL that I can go into the holiday feeling like things are back on track because I will likely be ready to start BC right after the holidays.

While I have felt a little like the universe has been picking on me the past few weeks I am really THANKFUL because life is always going to have little bumps and being an adult means you have to deal with them as they come, but in the end nothing has derailed me from my plan.