My Whole 30 Kitchen-Rescuing Broken Homemade Mayo

A few weeks ago I did a post on making paleo mayo as part of my Whole30 series. I have made mayo at home several times since the beginning of the year. I like having it on-hand because one of my go-to easy meals for Whole 30 is tuna salad.

Making your own mayo in my opinion is so worth it. It tastes like a million times better than anything you could buy in a store and it has zero chemicals or preservatives. It can also be really tricky to make and sometimes is just fails. Last weekend I was whipping up a batch and it was coming together beautifully. It was the perfect emulsification and the consistency was on point. I had about two tablespoons of oil left to add and then it happened….failure. It all came apart. There was no reason that I could see for it to go from a beautiful thick mayo to a runny oily mess, but it just happened.

Avocado oil and organic eggs aren’t exactly cheap ingredients. While I think it’s worth it to use high quality products I HATE to see them go to waste. I had seen something on Facebook a few weeks beforehand about fixing failed mayo. Of course I couldn’t remember where it was posted so I decided to see what Mr. Google had to say about it and he totally came through for me!

I am happy to say that this technique saved my mayo and I didn’t have to throw away anything! And it was just as delicious!

First I recommend you read my original post about making mayo. Here it is…

Rescuing Failed Mayo

  1.  Take the failed mayo mixture out of the immersion blender cup.  I put it in the glass measuring cup I was using to add the oil.  Wash out your blender cup.
  2. Add one egg yolk and 1 teaspoon of vinegar to the bottom of the cup.  Use the immersion blender or about 45 seconds until the egg starts to foam a bit.
  3. SLOWLY drizzle in a bit of the failed mayo mixture and emulsify using the immersion blender.  As the mayo starts to reform with the egg gradually add back more of the failed mixture to your cup.  Do this very slowly in a drizzle and be sure the mayo continues to thicken as you add it.  It should turn back to a while color fairly quickly.  Continue to add the rest of the mixture very slowly as you combine using the blender.
  4. You should have rescued perfect mayo!

I was so thrilled that this trick worked. I seriously did a happy dance around my kitchen.