photoIGFirst I just want to say my mug swap partners were amazing.  I was super grateful that the partner which I sent a package posted on instagram and seemed to really like what I sent, and I actually got my package from @enroute2ourrainbow the very same day!  She put together such a thoughtful package of a mug (of course), some candy, nail polish, an amazing notebook, and a band that I will put in a special place until I can wear it (it has all kinds of “I’m preggo” sayings on it).  Getting a package in the mail is seriously SO FUN.

I also posted my gifts on IG, which was kind of a big deal for me.  I have NEVER posted anything on IG or Facebook about my TTC journey.  I thought about it for a while, especially because of the band which could have been misunderstood (someone could assume I am pregnant now), but I did it anyway.  I guess its just a small step into going a little more public about doing IVF.  (Follow me on IG @sarafarnam)

I am so grateful for Chelsea for setting up this swap.  I am pretty excited to do another one sometime soon!  I am sure it’s a lot of work for the organizer so again, thank you!